Pharmaceuticals and Health Care

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector in Bangladesh: Investing for Growth, Global Integration and Post LDC Market Opportunities

March 13, 2023
12:00 PM

Presently, in the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh, 98 percent of the country’s total demand for medicine is met by domestic institutions. The country also exports medicines to several countries parallel to meeting domestic demand. In the fiscal year 2021-22, Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical export revenue was US$ 188.78 million the domestic market of which is about US$ 3.5 billion. In 2018, Bangladesh was ranked 71st on the list of 134 countries that export medicines. Bangladesh needs to try and build capacities to exploit the benefits of the transition period of graduation out of the least developed countries category as much as possible to further develop its pharmaceutical industry. Bangladesh, however, imports huge amounts of raw materials and chemicals, for example about $1.050 billion in 2020-21, mostly from developing countries such as China, India, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. With the graduation of Bangladesh to a developing country, we need to follow the growth path of developing countries that have been successful.

Session Objectives:

  • Deliberating on the various product categories in the pharmaceutical value chain
  • Highlight potential of pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh and the important sub-sectors/products that offer prospects for trade and investment.
  • Discussing policy reforms to match/ produce pharmaceutical products which are in high demand in the international market.
  • Shed light on shifting trends in global supply chain/production systems in hi-tech manufacturing and identify opportunities that are emerging for Bangladesh in this space.
  • Deliberating on the challenges of losing privileges after LDC Graduation.
  • Deliberating on how to effectively maneuver LDC Graduation and keep the sector prosperous.

Expected Session Guests and Speakers


Chief Guest

Mr. Salman Fazlur Rahman, MP

Private Industry and Investment Adviser to the Honorable Prime Minister

The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

shaRIFA Khan

Session Chair

Ms Sharifa Khan

Secretary, Economic Relations Division

Ministry of Finance, the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh


Key Note Speaker

Dr. Abdul Muktadir

Chairman & Managing Director

Biopharmaceuticals Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd Bangladesh



Nazmul Hassan MP

Managing Director

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd



Dr. Yun K. Tam

Co-Founder, President & CSO

Sinoveda Canada Inc



Prof. Dr. Shahla Khatun

Founder & Director

Greenlife Hospital & National Professor



Mr Debojyoti Banarjee

Country Head

Medtronic Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd



Dr. Riad Mamun Prodhani

Managing Director & Country President

Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited

novo nsxh


Mr. Rajarshi Dey Sarkar

Vice President and General Manager

Novo Nordisk Bangladesh

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