Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina shares her speech.

Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina is welcoming business leaders from around the world to join Bangladesh Business Summit 2023 and become a part of the vision to turn Bangladesh become a happy and prosperous country. “Your dreams and our visions have potential to grow better together”

FBCCI President Md Jashim Uddin

Bangladesh is an economic marvel, having grown to a $470 Billion economy in just four years. The future manufacturing hub for the world.

The Growth Sectors of Bangladesh

As the fastest growing economy in South Asia, Bangladesh is profoundly on its way to Least Developed Countries’ graduation and progressing towards becoming a developed nation. In several key sectors has played in this indomitable growth. The sectoral Audio Visual showcase key factors of Bangladesh Thrust Sectors

FBCCI 50 Years Celebration Theme Song

FBCCI is going to celebrate its 50 years anniversary this year. On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee, FBCCI will organize Bangladesh Business Summit, Best of Bangladesh Expo and other events. To FBCCI Celebrate the 50 years, FBCCI launched a theme song on its 50 years successful journey.